Bellydance by Samantha        

Professional Bellydancer Welcoming Meaningful Opportunities

"Beside the fire as the wood burns black,

A laughing dancer in veils of light,

Whose dance transforms the darkness to gold"

-Wendy Buonadventura, from Serpent of the Nile

What I Do

Dancing for the Greater Good

"We make a living by what we get,

We make a life by what we give"

Winston Churchill

Teaching an Ancient Art 

Passing on the oldest dance which celebrates femaleness in all its forms and dimensions

as a path towards empowerment. 


Prayerformance is sharing the expressive arts with intention as a form of prayer.

Photos and Details

Performances: 5-15 minutes
Workshops: 20-40 minutes

Accompany varied
live or recorded music


performance and workshop

gets people dancing

Available for benefits/fundraisers/non-profits, spiritual establishments or
for-profit opportunities with positive intention

Use of multiple props

sword, candles, veils & wings

to delight and amaze

Performance Video

Performance with Ganga Giri at the Harmony Festival

Candles & Wings

Performance at The Regency Ballroom, SF


Professional Highlights

Samantha's dancing is intoxicating.” Hilly Krystal, Owner CBGB’s, NYC
This Neo-Gypsy is sure to cure your midnight madness.” Time Out NY
Talented, charismatic and soulful, she pulls you in when she dances.” Melinda Gutman, Dance Magazine

*Shoreline Amphitheater
*Lesher Center for the Arts
*Regency Ballroom
 *DNA Lounge
*1015 Folsom
*Hotel Utah

*Sea of Dreams


*Harmony Festival, CA
*High Sierra Music Festival, CA
*Lightning in a Bottle Festival, CA
*Sacred Movement Festival, CA
*Burning Man, NV
*Edinburg Festival, Scotland
*Avignon Festival, France

*Siren Festival, NY
*Hudson River Music Festival, NY
*Bamra Bleeker Street Fair, NY
*International Festival, NY
*9th Avenue Festival, NY

*United Nations
*Irving Plaza
*Lincoln Center
*Columbia University
*Webster Hall
*Harley Davidson Café
*CBGB Gallery
*Don Hills
*Le Bar Bat
*Flamingo East
*The Continental
*Theater for the New City
*Chelsea Pier 61
*Le Souk
*Kemia Lounge
*The Sahara East

*Connelli Circus, Zurich, Switzerland
*Carnival, Tennerife, Canary Islands
*Zurich Winter Circus, Switzerland
*Covent Garden, London, UK

*Avignon Festival, France

*Edinburg Festival, Scotland
*Gentseefest, Belgium
*Waterford Spraoi, Ireland
*Merced, Barcelona, Spain

*New Zealand Tour, Vortex Tribe

Calvin Klein Jeans Inc., Print Model
Magazines: Rolling Stone, Spin, Vibe, Details, Interview, Detour, Y&M
New York Exposure: Times Square, Buses, Metro, Billboards

About Me

“She travelled from place to place like a ghazia, dancing just briefly for each,

spreading the magic of this dance far and wide”-Tazz Richards, in Rediscovering the Oldest Dance

Samantha is a professional belly dancer whose soulful and authentic style has enchanted audiences in the Bay Area, New York and Europe. Samantha’s authenticity combined with her ability to align the dance to suit a variety of audiences and environments, has allowed her continued success. She performs traditional Egyptian cabaret, American Tribal, Prayerformance style and Theatrical/Circus Style. She studied with world recognized master teachers on both costs, as Serena and Yosuri Sharif in NY and Gypsy Carvan/Fat Chance Bellydance in Portland/SF. Samantha strives to always capture the true essence of this feminine art.

Samantha began dance lessons when she was five years old, but did not discover her true form until her late teens when she was graced by her first bellydance performance. From the moment she saw her first belly dancer, "I knew I had done this dance before, it was what I had been searching for all along, and it was always within me."

After getting her start in Portland, Samantha spent several years performing belly dance in New York City and Europe. In New York, she performed in a variety of venues, from large venues such as Lincoln Center and Irving Plaza to three-story nightclubs such as Webster Hall, to cozy Middle Eastern hookah lounges, such as Horus Cafe in the East Village.

Feeling the pull to live and perform in a true gypsy spirit, she designed her own journey wherein she in essence, belly-danced her way around the world. For two and a half years, she performed at arts festivals all over Western Europe, such as the Edinburg Festival and the Avignon Festival, funding an adventure which took her to India and the Middle East. This journey allowed her capture and experience the true gypsy roots of this dance.

Returning home and relocating to the Bay Area, she continued her journey by showcasing her art within the theatrical, circus and live music communities. This led to performances at venues such as Shoreline Amphitheatre, the Regency Ballroom and Lesher Center for the Arts.

Currently, after significant personal experiences and profound spiritual experiences, Samantha is mostly interested in providing performances and workshops, as a contribution or offering to the world, via humanitarian/environmental causes and spiritual establishments.  She also remains open to other opportunities with good vibes and intentions.  


Based in the east bay, travel possible

Looking forward to connecting

Call/Text: 646-298-1170

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